Is smart water bottle really worth buying? 

The so-called smart device fashion seems happening overnight.almost everything we used day in and day out now has upgraded to the version of which labeled as"smart XYZ". Be it a smartphone, a smartwatchsmartTV, smart shoes or even smart umbrella The truth is, they are not getting any smarter, they are just having some new features that enable it to connect to internet or smartphone, with features that sound fancy at the first glance but are rarely being essential or truly revolutionary. Often time, they are just a piece of useless dumb toy. 


So when I bumped into a product named cuptimethe first question I asked to myself is, do really need a bottle that can track how much water I drink Does a mobile app for my hydration really necessary? Do I need a companion app tremind me that it's time to drink some water? 


My answer says no. But my curiosity compels me to give it a go. 


It turns out the smart cup or smart bottle itself is such a dumb idea. For one thing, it's a good container but as a water bottle itself is not that impressive, it feels so plastic and cheap. even though it has a beautiful baking finishing paint.  


No handle, no cover, much like a glass.  

The first and foremost feature for a whatever-cup is to drink water. 

It should be made with solid quality, it should be stable on the desktop so that it would fall to my keyboard and cause a big mess.  

The cuptime smart cup failed this. 


And it may work well with water, purely water, but it does not work so well with coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate. As a cubical man, life is busy and boring, people don't usually drink bland water only. But the container itself does not design for coffee or tea. It's for water, and water only. 

According to the company website, the cup features the following features: 


  • Drinking reminder 
  • This is probably the  
  • OLED screen indicates the temperature 
  • Long standby hours 
  • Drinking Data statistic 
  • Environment-friendly material 
  • Open data interface 


Out of which the only thing that really differentiate itself from the traditional water cup is the reminder and temperature indicator.  All the other features are just marketing nonsense . 

Having said that, the companion app is quite impressive, it offers an appealing static on how many water you drink a day and how much you are supposed to drink based on your age, weight, gender, etc. 

So my conclusion is, the smart office cup may sound like a brilliant idea, but it is not worth your money. We buy a smart water cup/bottle for drinking, not buying an app. And you can get the most important feature for 2 dollars. 

With a price tag of almost 200 bucks, I am definitely not convinced to buy.