After having my Standing desk for one month now. I feel so much comfortable  on my back and waist,  to have a  better standing posture. Stand up is the daily position in my office. I can straighten my leg and pulling lightly on the back and hips.  

I even lost half kilos in two weeks time. 

When you persist to stand up for a few days. You find your whole body and mind are refreshed and you won't complaint to wait a long line to get a cuppa.

Thanks to the standing desk, the more standing the more creative and positive attitute you gain at work. Since you do work such as coding and programming , make you efficiently concentrate on in the moring. If you feel tired in the afternoon, you may change to sitting position to check you email and twitter.  


As once you stand up working for a few day. You won't think to go back to your sitting work position anymore. 


Trust me don't return to sitting . stand up for health.