A new generation of "smart desk" to monitor your movements, keep track of calories, even, it can be at different intervals in the day urging you to stand up, but will not disturb or affect your work.
We compared some different brands and models from inexpensive DIY sells for less than $ 100, sold $ 4000 to the fore of the most luxurious, beautifully designed, offers meditation as the sitting experience.  
Most Australians buy smart desk because they found that sitting is bad for health. More than three hours a day, life expectancy would be shortened by two years-even people who exercise regularly still do.
About 70% customers after usually a few weeks time  there is no longer change the position to stand. Anyway, I know is not likely to consciously use the standing function unless customers have a way to automatically forcing  them to stand up .
Desk optimal sitting experience for me so far is the most expensive one.
Stir Kinetic Desk F1 (priced at $ 4190) and Stir M1 (for $ 2990), Apple (Apple) 's former engineer JP • Labrausse (JP Labrosse) masterpiece. He was also a member of the founding team of the iPod, the inheritance relationship between the two products is very clear. The built-in desk surface with five-inch (about 12.7 cm) touch screen, you can connect to a wireless network (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth, the temperature sensor is installed under the table, is used to track your activity.
If you stand 5.5 hours, took 3.5 hours, a total of 359 calories burned. Standing time is longer than my goal in half, this week, I the number of calories burned will be the equivalent of running a marathon.
United Kingdom manufacturing TableAir (price $ 2300) and Kickstarter-funded Autonomous Desk Smart Model (priced at $ 699) also provides high-end desk. If you want to use the stand to use TableAir, simply press the button, extend your arms-desk will automatically rise to the height of your hand.
Autonomous Desk7 month shipments, this product promises to be equipped with sound similar to the Siri personal assistant, and connected with the Nest or smart devices such as Philips Hue, is used to turn on or turn off the heater and lighting.
Budget buyers may wish to consider the StandStand (priced at $ 69), it is a portable wooden, folding after another only when the size of a Briefcase, when you need to use it, can be quickly assembled and placed on the desktop, your desk height to fit the stand location. There is a similar product StorkStand (price $ 199) is suitable for installation in Office Chair. Portable, economical style, but highly inconvenient, customers often used a few days then threw to the garage. 
There are some companies selling desk into normal sitting dual desk conversion kit. Sedontary standing desk (starting price AUD $ 220 ), desk shelf, and Varidesk (price $ 499) and love actually (Ergotron) desktop is low (at $ 450 AUD) can be permanently placed on the desk, when you change the sitting position, the need to manually adjust it yourself.
These standing desk are best suited for those who cannot afford the expensive models does not allow replacement of furniture in the Office or work people.
Although compared with treadmill desks, I prefer to sit vertical/styles, but I also knew that sedentary people are not overnight become hard to stand. Beginners often make such a mistake: just bought sat vertical/desk stand continuously for hours at a time. A good thing, if you've gone too far, may end up like me last day only sat slumped in a Chair, tired of  sore feet, too far back and aching joints. Experts suggest that first sitting vertical/desk, can start with a standing 5-20 minutes per hour, then gradually extend the time.
Ultimately, the choice standing desks was no different from any large pieces of furniture, space and budget are the main considerations. However, you should also think about this: just like other pieces of furniture, you may still use it for a lifetime--as with it you won't sit, your life may be a little longer.